Top 10 Family Walks

Autumn Walks – Fresh Air, Fun

Autumn is a great time to get some fresh air at the weekends with the family, with crisp golden leaves, squirrels and the ends of the summer warmth.

Try Stourbridge Common to Fen Ditton along the river; buggy friendly walks; explore the fens; find woolly mammoths and animal sculptures about town; find treasure; follow the DNA sequence and find the source of Hobson’s brook.


1. Stourbridge Common to Fen Ditton

1.5 hours. 5 miles. Alternatively, you can walk all the way to Waterbeach – 8 miles, 2.5 hours. A relatively flat walk, following the river, past cows and river wildlife.


  • Midsummer Common river path
  • Continue to Stourbridge Common
  • Take sign to Fen Ditton or Waterbeach

2. Grantchester

This is a 3 mile walk following the river in the south of the city, and is one of the best walks around Cambridge. It is possible wheel a buggy along the cycle path route. A round trip on a straighter road back makes 5 miles in total.


  • Start at Lammas Land
  • Eltisely Ave to the Meadows
  • River path to Grantchester

3. Anglesey Abbey

1.5 hours, 4 miles. Around the beautiful Anglesey Abbey. You can visit the gardens too, which are lovely in the winter. Be careful as part of the route is very close to open water, and can be muddy. Dogs need to be on a lead near the farmland.


  • B1102 Burwell Rd to Anglesey Abbey
  • Left towards Lode Mill
  • Along Quy Water
  • Continue to Anglesey Abbey or over footbridge to Old Oak in woodland

4. Arts and Sculpture in Cambridge


Follow an art trail around Cambridge. 3 miles. 2 hours.

On the way see some of the sculptures, paintings and buildings in the city centre. See the sculptures in Jesus College and ending at the magnificent Fitzwilliam Museum.

1. Start at Kettle’s Yard. This was founded by Jim Ede, former curator of the Tate gallery. As you leave and walk down Bridge Street, this area is one of the oldest in Cambridge and where early Roman and Normal settlers lived.

2. Turn left after the bridge, past the restaurants and punts onto the wooden boardwalk.

3. Keep along the river until you get to the kiosk and weir. Turn right down the avenue of London Plane trees.

4. Turn right and this will take you to Jesus College. Go in and find several sculptures. Includes ‘Daedalus on Wheels’ (Eduardo Paolozzi) and the glass ‘Empress’ (Danny Lane).

5. Head right out of college, Malcom St, Hosbon St to Christ’s College. Find the painting ‘The Deposition’ (Anthony Caro), ‘A Pattern of Life’ (Tim Harrison) and the Darwin Garden sculpture.

6. Head out past Next and Boots to Market St, right onto Rose Crescent, to Trinity and Garret Hostel Lane. Cross over the river to see Jerwood Library Circle back to Senate Passage, right onto Kings Parade and go in Clare College.

7. See the golden Corpus Clock (Matthew Lane Sanderson), created to represent the unstoppable nature of time. Carry onto Downing St, see bronze feet (Anthony Gormley), he buried a full scale model of himself upside down and called it Earthbound. See the animal reliefs on the entrance to museums.

8. Circle back to Trumpington St, to the Fitzwilliam Museum. his is full of art treausres, from classical sculputres, Matisse, Picasso, Barbara Hepworth, beautiful china and jewellery and more. The entrance of the museum is very grand and majestic.




5. Wimpole Way to Coton

12 miles in total however you can break this up into smaller chunks. The route goes through Coton, Hardwick, Caldecote and Kingston. Although there are parts, over a bridge and next to a road that you may want to miss. It can get muddy in places. It follows ancient trackways dating back to Anglo Saxon times.

This route is a couple of miles to Coton. Coton means ‘cottages’, and is a 5th or 6th century village.


  • Start at Adams Rd (by Backs)
  • Join the Coton Footpath, along fields
  • Bridge over M11, past Whitwell Farm to Coton

6. Wimpole Hall to Kingston

5.5 miles, 2.5 hours. (Circle 10 miles, 5 hours).


  • Wimpole Hall stables past Hall into avenue of trees
  • At top of hill, turn right into woodlands, follow signs north to Kingston
  • Follow bridleway on Crane’s Lane

7. Treasure Hunting & Geocaching

Geocaching is a nice, simple idea set up by volunteers worldwide. And it’s free. You can put in your postcode and search for nearby caches. You can also find out how to hide your own cache using the guidelines online.

8. Hayley Wood Bluebells or Autumn Leaves

1.3 miles. 40 minutes. A short walk in woodlands. It is one of the most pretty woodlands around Cambridge. This one is notable for it’s rare oxlips and bluebells in the spring. 8 miles from St. Neots. Map reference TL 292 530


  • Near Longstowe on B1046. Park on verge opposite the water tower.
  • Walk past house on left, cross wooden bridge.
  • Circle back to car.

9. Hobson’s Book

Water Source

4 miles, 1.5 hours. Follow the Water to the Source. Vicar’s Brooke, Addenbrookes and the Double Helix. You can do this walk all together or in two parts: Hobson’s Conduit to Long Road; Addenbrookes to Great Shelford. Mainly flat. The last stretch is buggy friendly but the first part may be tricky by the brook and along the field.


  • Start at Hobson’s Conduit at corner of Lensfield Rd & Trumpington St
  • Follow the stream out of town past the Botanic Garden to your left
  • Head into allotments over Brooklands Avenue to carry on following the stream
  • Cross the road to Addenbrooke’s Hospital
  • Source is at Nine Wells, just past hospital grounds

10. Brampton Wood

Spot different trees

The trees are oak, yew, ash, field maple and birch. In the spring it is full of bluebells.

Spring Bluebells

It is about 4 miles , 1.5 hours.This is the second largest ancient woodland in Cambridgeshire.

Click Me!

900 years old

There are primrose, wood spurge and common spotted orchid flowers. It is 4 miles south west of
Huntingdon. Map Reference TL 184 698

Great place to see Wildlife

See birds, squirrels, insects.

Explore the woods
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