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Cambridge is traditionally thought of as the Colleges. They are beautiful and stand for 800 years of history. Of course there is so much more to Cambridge too. A whole town thrives apart from the University. Over the years there have been tensions between ‘town’ and ‘gown’. However for me having lived in Cambridge for many years, and bought up kids here, the town and University coexist together pretty well on the whole. Even if it does get very busy in the Summer!

So if you are visiting, or a resident, then it is well worth exploring the Colleges even if it is only to get a sense of what we pass by and what so many people from all over the World come to see. The University celebrated its 800th birthday in 2009. It is particularly renowned for maths and science. Charles Babbage designed the world’s first computer in the mid 1800s. It has produced 13 British prime ministers, nine archbishops of Canterbury, and several well known comedians.

People who lived or studied in Cambridge include:
Isaac Newton (Trinity College); Charles Darwin (Christ’s College); Samuel Pepys (Writer); John Major (Prime Minister); John Maynard Keynes (Economist) Douglas Adams (Writer); Keith Palmer of The Prodigy (Musician); Richard Attenborough (Actor); Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd); Stephen Hawking (Physicist)

Here is a brief overview of the Colleges. A more detailed description will be up soon, watch this space!

King’s College, King’s Parade, Cambridge

This is the most famous and most visited college. There are queues to the televised choir on Christmas Eve, and it’s architecture is big and exalting.

Queens’ College, Silver Street, Cambridge
Founded by two Queen’s in the mid 1400s, the college is linked by the Mathematical Bridge. A magnificent medieval Old Hall.

Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge
This has a library designed by Christopher Wren, and was Isaac Newton’s college.

St. John’s College It has a large number of courtyards, and the School of Pythagoras is the oldest academic building in Cambridge. Wordsworth had a room here. The lovely ‘Bridge of Sighs’ links the college.

Jesus College, Jesus Lane, Cambridge
This is a large college with attractive grounds and many sculptures.

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