The Barrington Hippo

The story of a fossilised hippo told through music, puppetry and song. Age: Most suitable for ages 7-11 but all ages welcome. Music, storytelling and theatre combine in this engaging and entertaining show for children and adults. Discover how hippos came to Cambridgeshire, how they died out, and how the fossilised bones known as the Barrington Hippo were finally discovered, many thousands of years later. For all lovers of geology, zoology and natural history, with music and theatre thrown in for good measure…! Cambridge City Opera, Indefinite Articles (puppetry and storytelling), Kate Whitley (composer), Corentin Chassard (cello) and Héloïse Werner (soprano). This project has been developed in collaboration with the children of Year 5, St Andrew’s School, Soham.

The Barrington Hippo
Event Date and Time March 17 at 11am AND March 17 at 2pm

The Tilley Lecture Theatre Department of Earth Sciences Downing Street CAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire CB2 3EQ
Cost of Event £8 adults; £5 children

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