Summer Day Out – In the City

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Simple Summer Day –  Seeing the main attractions and green spaces

  1. Jesus Green Lido, Playground or Sports on the Green – There’s no better place than Jesus Green on a summer’s day. You can start off the day at the Jesus Green Lido, next to the river. It was built in 1923 and it’s open all summer. You have to pay to get in and it is a bit less crowded in the morning.
  2. Punting – Walk towards the tennis courts and on the wooden boardwalk up to the punting station where you can get a punt if you have older children or teenagers. This is a lovely way to see the colleges. If you have toddlers or babies you may want to give this a miss.
  3. Jesus Green Picnic – Have a picnic afterwards on the green. Bring a blanket, sandwiches and watch the skateboarders or people practising tightrope walking between the trees. There is a small kiosk to buy ice creams.
  4. Walk into the city from Jesus Green – Past the Round Church, Trinity College and King’s College along Trinity Street. If you can manage to pass the Olde Sweet Shop without going inside, or the fudge shop…
  5. See the fantastic Corpus Clock to the left with its insect atop the chronometer. Carry on until you get to the magnificent Fitzwilliam Museum.
  6. Fitzwilliam Museum – If you need to find afternoon shade, visit the cool of the Fitzwilliam Museum. Pick up a big map for children from the reception. Find the Egyptian hieroglyphs and marvel at the vaulted ceilings. You can bring buggies into all of the galleries. There is a nice cafe here too for a snack or drink.
  7. After the museum, walk back on Trinity St and turn first left to go down to the Millpond. You can see all the punts and ducks, and the back of Downing College. There are often cows in Coe Fen, the green to the left. Here you can go to dinner at the Millworks.
  8. Millworks for Dinner – watch the Waterwheel go around as you eat dinner in a lovely setting at the back of the Millpond.

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