Playgrounds in the City


Alexander Gardens

Carlyle Road
This has a climb net for older children, and a play area for under 6s.

Arbury Court play area

Older and younger children’s play area.

Brooks Rd play area

Springy’s, a slide and swings suitable for all ages.

Cherry Hinton Rec

Two football pitches, a skateboard ramp and play- ground.

Chesterton Rec

Two football pitches, skate ramp and under 6’s area.

Chestnut Grove Rec

All ages playground.

Coleridge Rec

Football, tennis and chil- dren’s playground.

Dudly Rd Rec

Skate ramp and playground.

Flower Street

Swing and slide.

Green End Rec

Youth shelter, playground.

Gunhild Close

Playground. Timber goals.

Histon Rd Rec

Good children’s play area with slide and swings.

Holbrook Rd Rec

Goal end, climber, and springy’s.

Kings Hedges Rec

Children’s playground and a learner pool.

Riverside and Newmarket Rd
Large open space that leads you right out into the coun- try following the river. Good children’s playground near Stanley Road entrance. Cows and horses graze here.

Petersfield play area Peverel Rd Ravensworth Gardens Riley Way

Mill Rd/East Rd corner Playground
Romsey Rec
Scotland Rd

Shelly Row

St Albans Rd

Football pitch, skateboard ramp and playground.

St Matthew’s Piece St Thomas Square Tenby Close

Tennison Rd/Ravensworth Gardens This is located on a roof garden.

Thorpe Way/Fison Rd

Trim trail for small children and fitness zones for older children.

Trumpington Rec

Football pitch and play- ground.

Cambridge City Council has an excellent map and list of playgrounds on it’s website.

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