Historic Cambridge

The University, The Colleges, Castle Hill, Churches

800 years of World Renowned Education

DNA and Gravity were discovered in Cambridge, by people who walked the same streets as families now

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The University is an inspirational Place

Whether you are a visitor, a resident or even work or study in Cambridge, the old University is a place of calm and discovery. The city has been growing and now has a well respected additional University of East of Anglia, a Science Park of innovation, satellite villages and a growing population. However it did not start off this way.

800 years ago, on an old Roman Settlement dominated by Castle Hill, some students fled Oxford and started the University as we know it now. The colleges hug the river along the backs and it makes a lovely walk with the family. The colleges are places or study and work so they are not a visiting attraction for toddlers or active children, as often you cannot walk on the grass and they are closed at certain times of the year. However walking past the old beautiful architecture gives Cambridge a charm like few cities.

The University also puts on a great Science event every year, which is very family orientated. The museums, mostly owned by the University, are world class and all free. There are animals and sculptures on the buildings which are fun to find with kids as you walk around town. 

TO NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions most of the museums will need to be booked in advance. Please click the link here to book ahead or check out their individual websites.

Historic Cambridge

mathematical bridge

Queen’s College

Founded by two Queen’s in the mid 1400s, the college is linked by the world famous Mathematical Bridge. There is a magnificent medieval Old Hall.

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King’s College

This is the most famous and most visited college. I love the architecture, it is big and exalting. There are long queues to the televised

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Jesus College

This is a large college with attractive grounds and many sculptures. It’s full name is ‘The College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the

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trinity college courtyard

Trinity College

This is the richest college in Cambridge and Oxford Universities combined, with a landholding worth £800 million. This makes it one of the wealthiest estate

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Did you know?

Isaac Newton

He was an English physicist and mathematician and is most famous for discovering the laws of gravity. His Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation laid the basis for much of modern science of the universe. He was a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

He was bought up by his grand- mother, never married, and was destined to become a farmer but he hated it. Partly out of revenge for a school bully, he became the top ranked student at his school, leading him to Cambridge University.

Newton said that he was partially inspired by watching the fall of an apple from a tree. Although there is no evidence it fell on his head. Reputed descendants of the tree are still at Trinity College and the Botanic Garden.

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Cambridge Discoveries

So we know that DNA and Gravity were discovered in Cambridge. But how? 

What else has been discovered here? 

Ancient Times

A woolly mammoth by Jesus Green? Is it possible to think that Cambridge was once covered in ice? And what have Knights and the Round Church got in common?

Kids and Parents - Test for Fun!

How much do you know?

A fun quiz about the amazing discoveries that happened right here in Cambridge. Test yourself on ancient times, science facts.  and what you can find in our local museums. For example, did you know that Cambridge is where they invented DNA? Or that an ancient river bed runs under Jesus Green and they found Mammoth fossil remains there? Or that there is a real Egyptian Mummy in the Fitzwilliam Museum?

Cambridge Discoveries
Fossils and Ancient Times
What can you find?
Science Facts

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