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Great place for a special birthday meal for teenagers. This has fabulous food in a great setting, overlooking Cambridge. It even has a roof terrace, so not great for young children or toddlers but for teenagers it is a nice place for a treat. It also serves brunch and afternoon tea. The food ranges from …

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Taj Tandoori

One of the best Indian restaurants in Cambridge. It is a bit out of the centre in Cherry Hinton. It has built a really good reputation and is always reviewed well, due to it’s consistency and good food. It is bring your own drink.

Restaurant table

Varsity Restaurant

TEMPORARILY CLOSED This is a good quality restaurant with a more formal feel, however it has a reasonably priced kids menu and are welcoming of families. It is easier going at lunch or early evening with wriggly kids however. As a nice treat it can make a change from burgers and pizzas with the kids.


Al Pomodoro

They have pizzas named after the staff, Tony, Gabriella, Buby, Teta and others which is a nice personal touch. It is a family business with a good selection of Italian dishes. Some of the pizzas are very big. It has fresh food made on the premises with good flavours. It is welcoming of children and …

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Nice Italian restaurant with plenty of options for the kids if they like pasta or pizza. It is informal and simple in style with good, fresh ingredients. It’s not nouvelle cuisine but the flavours and taste are pretty good. It is located over the bridge on Mill Road.

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Tawa Kitchen

Restaurant with fresh Indian cuisine. It is a step away from the normal ‘curry and rice’ with plant based recipes that are authentic and nutritious. Really nice food for a dinner treat. It can be a great way to try out new tastes, to order a few dishes and let the family pick out anything …

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