Autumn, Halloween and October Half Term

 Half Term There is plenty to do over the half term. There are activities during the week such as holiday camps, halloween crafts and nature walks. Horrible Histories are showing the dark side of the Tudor period at the Arts Theatre. If you fancy learning about Genomics there is 'Genomics, the Musical' at the beautiful new building at Storey's Field. It's a great time to explore and walk around the city, following the river and seeing all the golden autumn leaves.

Halloween and Fireworks Night It's time to be spooky! You could try traditional fun with apple bobbing, spooky parties and trick or treating. The fireworks display on 5th November will be held in Cambridge Midsummer Common as usual. Parking is tricky though.

Explore Nearby Woods    The local woods are beautiful this time of year. Nearby Logan's Meadow, Cow Hollow, Anglesey Abbey and Wandlebury are all good places to explore. See the woodland trust website link in the title for more details.


Rainy Days

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Toddler Groups

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Family Days Out

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