Summer in the City

Some ideas for the summer holidays

Splash pools, Ice creams, Green spaces, Days out, Nature, Adventure

Summer is here!

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Heatwaves, changeable weather

There are lots of places to be outside, on greens or the playgrounds. For older kids there is the skateboard park, Jesus Green Lido, adventurous sports. The weeks over July and August can be a challenge to fill with activities to keep the kids from getting restless! So browse here for some ideas to keep everyone happy and busy.

Summer activities

There are outdoor tennis and ping pong to try for free. Splash pools are great for cooling down and having fun. Look out for them in King's Hedges, Abbey and Coleridge. The many nature reserves, from Wicken Fen to small local wild green ares in the city, are good for spotting dragon flies or fishing with a net. Whatever your families interests, have a browse for some ideas to fill the days ahead.

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Splash Pools in the City
Nature Reserves and Animals
Fun on the Water
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Summer Fun

Best Ice Creams in Town



1 Benet St - Huge rich Italian ice creams, lemon, chocolate strawberry with really intense rich flavours. A favourite!


Jack's Gelato

6 Benet St - Just around the corner. This is pretty high up in the best ice cream stakes. Fantastic flavours rotating six a day. Such as Chelsea Bun, Earl Grey or Roasted Rice.


Chocolat Chocolat

21 St Andrews St - Chocolate ice cream heaven.

ice creams



Newnham Rd - Best for a sit down ice cream sundae. Maltesers, doughnut, brownie and marshmallow. Phew!


Cambridge be waffle

Market St - Real Belgian waffles from a stand - with lots of different ice cream and toppings to go with it. Friendly service too.

Summer Things to Do

Punts on the river Cam

Bat Safari Punting

Join the Wildlife Trust on a Bat Safari punt for adventures at dusk towards Grantchester Meadows. 90 minutes long. Grab this chance to see our

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geocache object


This is a modern day treasure hunt, using a GPS device to find hidden containers or ‘caches’. It is a nice, simple idea set up by volunteers worldwide.

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Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Fantastic place in the city to take the kids. There are frogs and toads which eat the snails and slugs that would otherwise eat the

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It's often the simple things that make the best summer memories with kids

Going fishing with nets. Making their own fresh lemonade. Splashing about in a pool. Blowing bubbles.Going on a treasure hunt. This is quite a nice list from Unicef with 50 fun summer activities for the kids... click the title for the link.